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I believe these are the top three Korean War films.

71: Into the Fire is the story of a group of high school students ordered to hold a position that no-one thought would be attacked. It is equal parts “defense of the Alamo” and coming-of-age film. The North Korean commander is well played and a great character to watch.

Tae Guk Gi follows two brothers and their squad as they fight up through Korea. The older brother drives himself to be recognized so that his younger brother can be discharged. Loyalties change and while the brothers may lose their focus, they stand together.

The Front Line is the story of an officer sent to investigate a front line unit. He meets old faces and eventually learns their stories while fighting an enemy that communicates with them in strange ways.

The films form a chronology of the Korean War, with 71 occurring during the early defeats following the North Korean invasion, Tae Guk Gi watches as victory is snatched from South Korean forces by the Chinese, and Front Line plodding toward the inevitable end.

All of the films are  anti-war, emphasizing the costs on both sides. South Korean soldiers are not shown as bloodthirsty soldiers, but men forced into a corner and fighting for their nation’s survival.

If you can, visualize our Revolutionary and Civil Wars occuring at the same time.

Anyway, check them out if you don’t mind subtitles. They are great films.

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